MEDICAL TOURISM Consultancy & Organizations

We provide comprehensive medical tourism consultancy like nobody else. We breath and live Medical Tourism industry. In addition, we follow all the innovations in the world within the scope of Medical Tourism and offer up-to-date products.

Hospitals and physicians which we work with are all professional and experienced in the field. Mistakes are unacceptable in the medical tourism and must be meticulously work because it concerns health.

‘’TRAVELOS’’ is a reliable and that attaches importance to ethical values.

We would like to proudly state that; where travel meets with health ”TRAVELOS”is the right choice!

Services Provided By Our Contracted Institutions

Breast Augmentation
Brazil Butt Lift
Tummy Tuck
Eyebrown Lifting
Vaser and laser, LIPOSUCTION
Botulinum Toxin
Fue Hair Transplant
Prominent Ear
Carbon Peeling
Tattoo Removal
Dental Implant

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