Who Are We?

We are a travel agency that has been active in all areas of tourism since 1995 and we works under the supervision on both TURSAB and the Ministry of Tourism in Turkey.

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Istanbul is a Reflection Of History

Writing About Istanbul, holding a mirror to this city, is not an easy job. Describing this city, which is impossible to cope with, requires an effort  to understand it and to feel its spirit…

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Tours ( Regular&Tailor Made )  

Our  city tours are daily departure  with our well experienced local tour guide. Our Tours show you the most visited tourist attractive place in short time.

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Obviously; our love to this land is not limited to Antalya, Izmir, the Northern Aegean Region, Sanliurfa and Istanbul.

We appreciate the cultural values of all cities, all towns and all villages within the borders of our country and we are trying to make them known.

We are proud of every inch of our country and we do our best so that Turkey has a voice on the international scene.

Our love is for our ”TURKEY”.

That’s why we are inspired by this love and we offer you many options to experienced this unique country.

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Two big empires, two big cultures…
From emperors to sultans, from bell towers to minarets of mosques, from underground tunnels to bastions, from palaces to villas, from mosaics to frescos, from miniatures to paintings…

From horse carts to the modern metro system, from petite boats to hydrofoils, from waterside residences to skyscrapers, from ferryboats to the Bosphorus bridges…

This city, which has leaned its back against Byzantine and Ottoman motifs and of which face is looking forward, cannot be covered by encyclopedias, let alone books.

We want you to see this unique city with ” TRAVELOS ”.

Wherever you are in the world, we’re just a click away!

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